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Happy mid-October, friends! It's been awhile since I posted, but I thought you might enjoy hearing about my friend's new book. Eleanor Clark is a wonderful woman that I met about seven years ago. I was contacted by her publisher and asked to help her put together a series of books loosely based on her family's rich American history. Together, we worked until "The Eleanor Series" was born. That was then; this is now! The books came out in hard copy, starting around 2006. To learn more, follow this link. Recently, Eleanor and I decided to put the books up on kindle, so that folks with e-readers could enjoy them, too. We've been publishing one per month. THIS month I get to share one of my favorites in the series: Eleanor Jo, the Farmer's Daughter. Here's the blurb about the book: Set in the 1930's Rachel Ann is having a hard time balancing her schoolwork, basketball, and chores. She loves everything she is doing but is discouraged about being so busy. Her grandmother, Eleanor Jo, shares her own childhood story of how balancing work and play was even tougher during World War II. Through hearing her grandmother’s real-life story, Rachel Ann discovers that she can work hard and still have plenty of time to enjoy life. For little Eleanor Jo, every day on the farm was the same. Each morning, her father would wake her up with a song, and each day, she faced hard work, with countless chores to be done in addition to keeping up with schoolwork. Times were difficult, but when World War II came, Eleanor Jo had to face many new challenges. One of those challenges was doing her part for the “war effort.” Join Eleanor Jo as she learns from watching her parents’ love of life that hard work can also be fun and that as Christians, we are called by God to work hard and never give up. The Book's Release: Eleanor Jo, The Farmer's Daughter book will release in e-book format (on kindle) on October 15th. Starting the very next day, OCTOBER 16th, it will run free for five days! Grab a copy while you can, and please pass the word to your friends! In the meantime, I asked Eleanor a few questions about what it was like to grow up during the WWII era. Eleanor, can you share a few life lessons that you learned while growing up on the farm in Mexia Texas during the WWII years?  First I have to say that I that I was so fortunate to have Christian parents who taught me not only Christian principles but how to work and make it fun! We were able to plant our own little flower garden and grow flowers. We also learned how to shuck and can corn. I was taught how to slaughter a pig and hang the meat in the smokehouse. Best of all, we learned how to be prudent and see the value in everything. Why, I even learned how to milk a cow! These days, everything seems to come so easily to people. We live in an "entitlement" culture. In my opinion, we need to go back to basics and learn to appreciate what we have. Why? Because we might not have tomorrow! We need to know to learn how to work hard. That's what got us through back then, and that's what will get us through today. Thanks so much, Eleanor. Great advice from one who's walked the road before us. Here's a list of the books that have released in e-book format thus-far: Mary Elizabeth, Welcome to America (.99) Victoria Grace, Courageous Patriot (3.99) Katie Sue: Heading West (3.99) Sarah Jane: Liberty's Torch (3.99) Eleanor Jo: The Farmer's Daughter (free for five days starting October 16th, 2012) Here’s how you can stay in touch with Eleanor and learn about her upcoming releases: Website: Facebook page: Eleanor Series facebook page: Twitter:!/Eleanor_Clark


  1. Joy Isley says:

    I just got your book I won in the contest in the mail today. Thanks a lot. i will read soon and let you know how much I enjoyed it.

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