Freelance Writing Courses

Enjoy the following online writing courses: COURSE: NAVIGATING THE BUSINESS OF FREELANCE WRITING This course for published (or nearly published) writers is loaded with helpful information to guide you through the publication process. You will acquire information helpful in sustaining a long term career, and will be given an inside view of what it means to be a professional freelance writer. COURSE LESSONS:
  • Plotting Your Fiction Career
  • Branding and Taglines
  • Building Your Writing House
  • Working with a Critique Group
  • The Conference Experience
  • Finding and Working with an Agent
  • Making the Sale
  • Author-Editor Relationships
  • Working with Your Publisher to Market Your Book
  • Sustaining a Lucrative Career
********************************************************************************************************************* COURSE: MAGAZINE ARTICLE WRITING MASTER COURSE This exciting course will help magazine freelancers begin and sustain their writing careers. COURSE LESSONS:
  • The Life of the Magazine Freelancer
  • Article Types
  • How to Write an Article
  • Prescription for Successful Article Writing
  • Writing Personal Experience Pieces
  • The Submission Process
  • Author-Editor Relationships
  • Turning Your Articles into Books
  • Tricks of the Trade
********************************************************************************************************************* COURSE: FICTION-WRITING MASTER COURSE In this exciting course for fiction writers, you will be given a thorough introduction to the world of novel writing. With the help of author Janice Thompson, who has published nearly sixty books, you will discover the various components of a best-selling novel and will learn the ins and outs of the submission process, tackling those dreaded query letters and proposals. If you've written a novel but can't seem to get it through the doors of a publishing house, you might want to check out this course. COURSE LESSONS:
  • Understanding the Genres
  • 12-Step Plotting (based on Janice's "Plot Shots" method)
  • Characterization (based on Janice's "Pandora's Box" method)
  • POV (Point of View)
  • Show, Don't Tell (Passive vs. Active Writing)
  • Backstory Blues
  • Themes, Style and Voice
  • Common Fiction Mistakes
  • Humor Writing
  • Query Letters/Fiction Proposals
Each of the ten lessons is packed with ideas, tips, techniques, and secrets to help you succeed as a novelist. For your convenience, each lesson is presented in a variety of formats, so you can watch, read, listen to, or download the material to learn at your own pace.  Each lesson includes:
  • On-screen video teaching
  • Downloadable MP3 audio version of the lesson
  • Downloadable PDF transcript of the lesson
  • Downloadable PDF worksheet
  • Downloadable PDF Bonus Resource Material
With the tools you will receive in this detailed course, you will be able to present a brilliantly written novel to an editor or agent. . .with confidence! You can meet with Janice in the forums for the coaching you need as you move along the journey toward becoming a published novelist. Best of all, you can earn those advances and royalties you’ve been longing for.


COURSE: BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCE WRITER Writers, are you wondering how to be a freelance writer? Would you like to make money doing the thing you love most? If so, then this announcement should be of interest to you! Janice Hanna Thompson, author of over fifty novels and non-fiction books, would like to announce the debut of her writing course for freelancers titled “Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer,” available at The purpose of this course is to strategically train freelance writers so that they can earn top dollar with their writing. Students can purchase the entire course (Ten Lessons) for only $199, or students can choose to purchase individual lessons for only $24.95 each. Each lesson will include an audio file (mp3 for download), a corresponding audio script, a downloadable worksheet, a power point video, a bonus feature, and full access to the site’s forum, where Janice will meet with authors for group mentoring (at designated times). Currently, there are ten lessons available, but the site will continually grow. New, fresh material will always be added. If you’ve been looking for creative and exciting ways to earn money with your writing, your time has come! Please visit and sign up for the newsletter, or write to Janice at for more information. ENDORSEMENTS What writers are saying about Janice’s course:
“I've taken a number of classes since starting on this journey of writing, but Janice's course on freelance writing has been the most helpful. Full of tips, suggestions and her own writing experiences, Janice's course has something for everyone. If you are considering signing up for her writing lessons, I urge you to do so. You won't regret it!” – Edwina Cowgill, American Christian Fiction Writers member.
"I've not only had the pleasure of taking online classes from Janice, but also attending seminars. I love the practical working knowledge she teaches because I was able to put much of it into practice immediately. From the classroom to real life in a snap, Janice Thompson gives the steps, the encouragement, and the simplicity to help any writer become self-sufficient. Would I tell you to take her courses? ABSOLUTELY! You will grow the ability to earn money with your writing! Every writer's teacher, Janice Thompson." - Angie Breidenbach, Author of Creative Cooking for Colitis, ACFW PR Officer, Mrs. Montana International 2009
"I participated in Janice’s online course in January of ’10. I found her to be very thorough and very concise in her explanations. She also took pains to offer lots of feedback and make it interactive. I know her classes will be great!" – BK (Brenda) Jackson
(NOTE TO GROUP LEADERS: Please share this announcement with your local or online writing group. If you’re interested in posting it to your blog, consider running an interview with Janice, as well. She’s itching to talk to writers about her new venture!)  

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