Introducing a Yummy Restaurant-Themed Collection!

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I don’t often get this giddy over a book’s release, but I can’t seem to help myself this time.The four other authors in this collection are all friends and we’re buzzing with excitement over these yummy restaurant-themed stories! Okay, okay…maybe we’re buzzing because of the caffeine in Kathleen Y’Barbo Turner’s coffee-themed story. Or perhaps we’re hyped up because of all the sugar in my candy-themed story. Maybe we’re still on a rush from Carol Moncado’s bakery tale. Or perhaps we’re hung over from all of the Mexican food and BBQ in Lynette Sowell and Traci Tyne Hilton’s stories. But the point is, we’re excited! Table for Two has gone live. (Picture me doing the happy dance.)

We’ll start our “World’s Yummiest Launch Party” on Monday, April 25th in a brand new Facebook group, Come to the Table. We invite you to join us in this exciting group for five days of table fellowship. (Monday through Friday, April 25th – 29th). We’ll talk food, faith and fiction, three things we love! I’ll kick things off on Monday, with a resounding “candy” theme. (Yum! Think taffy, chocolate, caramel and lots of other sweet treats!) Carol will host on Tuesday with a day of bakery treats. Lynette will take Wednesday and will have you hankerin’ for Texas BBQ before the day’s over. Kathleen will chime in on Thursday with some fun coffee posts. Then, on Friday, Traci will share some great posts about Mexican food. Mmm! (Can we say chips and salsa, y’all?) All you have to do is respond to the yummy pics that show up in your newsfeed. Post food pictures of your own, or even recipes! Those who post will be entered in the daily drawings.

For today, hop on over to Amazon to snag a copy of Table for Two. Only .99 for five stories! (You can’t beat that) If you’ve already read my story (Salt Water Taffie), just skip it and go straight to the others. And please, please, please (with sugar on top) pray about leaving a review. These collections do SO much better if we get some lovely reviews.

Get out those knives and forks, readers. You’re gonna need ’em!

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