The Day the Mountain Crumbled

It start out like any other day:
Bake a multi-tiered cake as a gift for a local foster kids’ ministry. Construct the cake. Load the cake in the back of the SUV. Headed to venue.

What started out as ordinary ended up as anything but when I made a (slow, carefully-executed) left-hand turn onto the feeder of the Grand Parkway.

I heard the crash and my heart sank. I could immediately picture the beautiful four-tiered Frozen/winter-themed cake smashed to bits in the back of my vehicle. I pulled into the nearest parking lot and opened the rear of my SUV to discover the top three tiers had separated from the bottom and were laying on their side. My winter mountain had crumbled, and there was nothing I could do about it. The children at the apartment complex would never see the cake I’d spent hours working on for their Christmas party.

Or, would they?

As I stared at the mess in front of me, I realized the top three tiers were probably repairable. I’d have to turn the car around and head home to tackle the job, but I had plenty of time. Showing up with a smaller cake wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, anyway. When I arrived home, I decided the bottom cake might also be fixable, so I filled a big hole with buttercream (Shh! Don’t tell!) and stuck the stairs and toy figures on top. Voila!

When I arrived at the venue a short time later, the kids were delighted with my two cakes. They never knew (or cared) that my original masterpiece had crumbled. Instead, they dove in and ate cake. . .and lots of it!

Maybe that’s how the New Year has kicked off for you. Maybe you built “mighty mountains” in your mind for 2018. Maybe you’ve already witnessed some crumbling. Never fear! God can take our messes and turn them into messages. Just add buttercream and serve with a smile!

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