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On Thin Ice

J.J. Williamson has hung up her figure skates . . . for good.

The world of competitions, sequined skating dresses, and heartbreak is behind her. Until she receives a call from her old coach, needing help with a new skating program at a local rink. J.J.’s not interested . . . or is she?

Kevin Harrison is the new manager of The Big Skate, a rink once famous for its hockey teams. Can he help it if the old building is falling down around him? He doesn’t have the funds to renovate, so why bother? When his uncle decides the dilapidated rink needs a new figure skating club, Kevin is convinced it’s a mistake . . . until that gorgeous new coach enters.

Will J.J. and Kevin link arms to resurrect The Big Skate, or will their differences put them on opposite sides of the ice?


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