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That Lucky Old Sun

Join Bella Neeley as she plans a summer beach-themed wedding in Galveston, Texas.

Darian Pappas, the younger brother of one of Bella Neeley’s best friends, is getting married! He comes from a large Greek family, so one would assume the wedding would be Greek-themed. Wrong! Darian happens to be marrying Ling Nguyen, daughter of Galveston’s all-too-stern police chief. Her family is set on a traditional Vietnamese ceremony. The bride and groom have opted, instead, for a simple ceremony on the beach. At sunset. In the middle of summer. And the temperatures outside aren’t the only thing heating up!

What’s a poor wedding planner to do? Why, coordinate the wedding of the summer, of course! Join Bella as she cools hot tempers, wheels and deals in the art of compromise, and even learns a few lessons about her own life along the way.


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