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The Secret Ingredient


Wayfarers Inn employee and friend Winnie Washington wins two categories of Marietta’s “Rising Star” baking competition—qualifying her for the finals in Columbus. Janice, Tess, and LuAnn are eager to capitalize on their new superstar, hanging a banner over the door at the inn and arranging a wonderful write-up in the paper by young, hungry-for-a-story reporter, Hank Clive. They also offer a free loaf of Winnie’s award-winning bread to the first twelve people to book a room at the inn. But when strange messages begin to show up inside the loaves of bread, warning people to stay away from the inn, the friends must figure out who would want to harm them, or Winnie.

In the middle of the confusion, the Inn Crowd deals with the eccentric Reena Newberry, whose constant demands for attention wear on the Inn Crowd. Who is this woman, and what does she want from them? Finding the answers becomes imperative when they uncover a connection between Reena’s family history and their current mystery.

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