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This Might be Day Seven

Like so many others, I’ve been spending a concentrated amount of time in prayer, worship, and Bible study over the past several months. Every day I listen to a song that might be unfamiliar to most of you – Never Lost by Tauren Wells.

In the middle of the song he stops and does a little mini-sermon about the walls of Jericho. He references scholars, who say that when the walls finally fell, they fell in such a way that they became ramps into the city. Then Tauren goes on to say that the very thing the enemy has been using to keep you out (whatever walls you’re circling) will be the very thing God will use to take you to the finish line.

I don’t know what your Jericho is today. I have a few, and sometimes I feel like I’ve marched around those walls more than my fair share of days. When it comes to prayers for our nation, I feel like I’m on day 53,625. Approximately. And when it comes to more personal issues, I feel like I’ve spent years circling those walls and haven’t yet seen them fall. It’s easy to get discouraged.

This morning, when the Tauren Wells song ended, another song immediately came on. I’m sure you’ll recognize the opening lines:

Walking around these walls

I thought by now they’d fall

But You have never failed me yet.

I think God wants to remind us today to keep marching, no matter how long it seems to be taking. Joshua would never have taken Jericho if he’d decided to take a hiatus. We can’t stop, no matter how discouraged we might get.

Remember, the walls of Jericho DID eventually fall…and became ramps into the city. And also remember, God required MORE of Joshua on the final day than in all the days prior. (On that final day he had to circle the city seven times and then the priests were instructed to blow their horns, which is what brought the walls down.)

This might be Day Seven.

Victory ONLY comes to those who don’t quit.

Keep marching.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.