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Get Onboard the Ship

As individual believers we need to be like the explorers of old. Take Christopher Columbus, who, in 1492, was ready to set sail into places unknown. He had whatever equipment and knowledge was available to him at the time but above all of that he had a sense of adventure and he had faith for the journey.  God is calling us to have that same excitement in our hearts during these precarious days. We’ve got to be prayed up and ready to go wherever the ship, (our Savior), leads us. 

In many ways the modern church is like the pilgrims who boarded the Mayflower in 1620. They were a remnant, not just escaping persecution, but  deliberately stepping onboard a vessel to take them on a journey that would open up doors to brand new experiences. They didn’t have to go. They could have stayed frozen in place and missed the opportunity altogether. Likewise, the church could sit frozen today and never realize its potential.  But, as a unit, those pilgrims took a step toward liberty. Things were not easy. They had to turn back twice because the ship they were traveling with (the Speedwell) sprang a leak. But they never gave up. They counted the cost and kept going, not for themselves, but for future generations they hadn’t even met yet.

Things might not be easy for us these days, either, but that can’t stop us from moving forward.  There will be those, like the Speedwell, who need our assistance and encouragement to make the journey. But they are meant to travel with us. God wants the church to make a conscious decision to step onboard the ship (into a deeper, more passionate relationship with Him) so that our children and grandchildren can have a future. And He wants us to do it with a sense of adventure in our spirits, not fear or trepidation. We don’t need to know where the ship will land. In that regard, we are more like Columbus than the pilgrims. But remember, he set sail anyway. Where he landed was a completely different location than where he predicted but the promise he received was so much greater than the one he thought he would receive.   

The same is true with us. God is going to pour out his Spirit once we board (commit to go deeper with Him) and the church is going to be the recipient of more power, more love, and more adventure than we have ever known in our lifetimes. But the only way we will see that happen is if we consciously get onboard the ship and head out to sea with Him.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.