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A Spiritual Awakening

I’ve had an ongoing fascination with Tasha Cobb’s song, Your Spirit. I listen to it several times a day, usually. I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s impacted me so strongly. Here’s the conclusion I finally came to:

Say you had a cut on your hand. You tried all sorts of miracle cures but nothing fixed the problem. It only continued to get worse, finally festering to the point where you thought it might destroy your whole system. Then, miraculously, you found the ONE THING that could fix the whole problem. You applied that salve and. . .voila! Healing, inside and out.

Our world is experiencing multiple open wounds. These wounds are festering. And we’re trying to apply all sorts of things to fix them: programs, movements, news headlines, rules, sanctions, laws, attitudes. Are the wounds healed? No, they are only getting worse. They fester and cause pain upon pain until many cry out, “We’re not going to make it.” But we WILL make it if we call out to the ONE THING that can make a difference.

We need a spiritual awakening…in the church and in the earth. We need the ONLY ointment that can truly make a difference. THAT’S why this song tugs at my heart with such force. The words are truth for today. It’s NOT by might (we’ve tried that and it ended in destruction to lives and property). It’s not by power (political and other groups have tried that and failed miserably). It’s ONLY by the Spirit of God that the gaping wounds will be healed.

Church, it’s time to hit your knees! Plead for God’s mercy and for His healing–not just over our nation, but our world.

Not by might

Not by power

By your spirit God

Send your spirit God

You called us out

Out of the darkness

Into your love

Into your light

Grace upon grace

Beauty for ashes

You come to us

We come alive

We stand in awe of you

We stand in awe of you

Not by might (not by might)

Not by power (not by power)

By your spirit God (by your spirit God)

Send your spirit God

(Your Spirit: Tasha Cobb)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.