A Lovely Review

I just stumbled across this review of The Dream Dress on amazon. Totally humbling. I’d like to thank this lady, but (other than her first name, Norma), don’t know who she is. To ALL of my readers/reviewers, bless you!

The Dream Dress

The Dream Dress

5.0 out of 5 stars The book of my dreams!, March 6, 2014
This review is from: Dream Dress, The (Weddings by Design Book #3): A Novel (Kindle Edition)

I can only give this book five stars. Well too bad, because I am giving this book more than a trillion. It is the greatest book ever. If you haven’t read the Bella series, please!!!!!!!!!!! GO BACK AND READ THOSE TOO! Along with every other book Janice Hanna Thompson have ever written! She is just that brilliant. I know that you probably are wanting to know if you should even get close to buying this book and you have doubts and all, but I am telling you to throw those away in the trash. I do not care what you say, BUY THIS BOOK. Give it a chance. If you enjoy romance and just love to laugh your head off, don’t even think twice. Scroll up now, and click BUY. And that is a demand. Thank you. This is an amazing book and if I dare but hear anybody think that it was horrible, ugh. Whatever, go somewhere else. This is the GREATEST book. Thank you for writing such a great book Janice Hanna Thompson. AMAZING. Keep it going. Also, if you like sewing… please I do not even need to finish that sentence. Like I was saying, just… scroll up! Thank you and have an amazing day… reading this book. 

NOTE TO NORMA: Norma, I’ve put this review on my website as a “Thank you!” If you happen to see it, just know that it made my day! (((HUGS)))

Attention, all Novelists!

Slide1For those aspiring novelists out there…I thought it might be fun to share the Table of Contents from my book Writing and Selling the Great American Novel, which is now selling on amazon for $8.99.


Getting Creative About Being Creative
Writing with Both Sides of the Brain

In the Beginning the Writer Set Goals
Themes, Style and Voice
Understanding the Genres

The Four Personalities
The Pandora’s Box Approach
The Witness Stand

CHAPTER FOUR: POV (Point of View)
POV Defined
Various Points of View

Plot Shots
Backstory Blues
The Role of Conflict
Stop, Drop and Roll (Adding the Crisis Scene)
Seven Secrets to Creating the Perfect Ending

Show, Don’t Tell
Common Fiction Mistakes
Turn On Your Self-Editor
Building Your Writing House

Adding Romance
Adding Humor
Adding Mystery Elements
Adding Inspirational Elements


Plotting Your Writing Career: Twelve Steps to Success
What Industry Pros are Saying about Goal Setting

Joining a Critique Group
Hiring a Pro to Edit Your Manuscript
The Conference Experience

Ten Tips for Creating Your Brand

Query Letters and Book Proposals
Sparkling Proposals
Elevating Your Elevator Pitch
Dealing with Rejection
Finding and Working with an Agent

Making the Sale: The Process
Open Sesame/Opening the Publisher’s Door
Eight Things NOT to say to an Editor
Author-Editor Relationships

Got Moxie?
Working with Your Publisher to Market Your Book
Please With a Tease (Using Social Media)
You. . .a Public Speaker!
Speak Up
Show Me the Money!

The eBook Craze

100 Tips for Maintaining a Killer Platform
Sustaining a Lucrative Writing Career
Tax Tips for Writers
Double Your Word Count in Two Weeks
Roller Coaster Writing

My granddaughter

Hi everyone!

I’ve been on a writing sabbatical but have popped back in to post this sweet video of my granddaughter, Jenna Reese. Many of you prayed for her before her delivery. She’s 3 1/2 months old, weighs 7 lbs, 12 oz. and is doing great!

Writing and Selling the Great American Novel


The ultimate go-to guide for aspiring and established novelists. This comprehensive text from multi-published novelist and teacher Janice Thompson offers writers all of the tools they will need to both write and sell their novel.

Section One (Writing) covers critical topics such as plotting, POV, characterization, creativity, goal setting and more. Section Two (Selling) lays out a full plan to pitch and sell the book and offers detailed lessons on the proposal process, acquiring an agent, working with an editor, marketing, PR and much more.

Here’s what writers are saying about the book:

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the all time best writing resources September 13, 2013 (By Ann Wilds)

Hands down, this is one of the best “how to” writing books I have ever read. From start to finish, it offers much to both the aspiring and published writer. Janice Thompson shares her insight and experience in writing and publishing nearly 100 books in multiple genres. She takes the reader through the first tentative steps of formulating a story idea, to the heart of plotting, POV, and characterization and to the final stages of publishing and marketing the completed work. She manages to teach us clearly and with depth while still letting her sense of humor shine through.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Must-Have for Novelists, September 13, 2013 (

By J. Arduini Youngstown, OH USA) 

When it comes to writing how-to books, I admit I start to gloss over when I hear there is a new one.

I’m a voracious reader and I’ve read them. Of the stacks and stacks I’ve finished, only a few stand out as ones with new information and help I find amazing and worth telling others about.

And Janice Thompson’s newest offering, Writing and Selling the Great American Novel is one of them.

This book gives the aspiring novelist everything needed to start, plot, write, edit, complete, sell, and market your work. I’m literal when I say everything. There are acronyms that help break down tips. Exercises to help you practice and flesh out what you read. Quotes from authors and agents emphasizing Janice’s points. Books and links she recommends. I can’t think of a single thing she didn’t think of, and it’s presented in easy to find, read, and refer back to fashion.

I’m not quite at the beginner stage, but I’m not yet published. Writing and Selling the Great American Novel is a reference I plan to have nearby when I’m plotting, editing, working on a query letter…honestly, it works for any aspect of writing. I’m in a couple critique groups (another subject Janice writes about) and when I read something that needs more than I know how to help with, I always recommend Susan May Warren/Rachel Hauck’s From the Inside…Out:discover, create, and publish the novel in you. For someone wanting to know about writing romance, I also tell them to get ready to dog ear Gail Gaymer Martin’s Writing the Christian Romance. Now I have a third command because Janice includes all the genres and tips on writing for each one, and that makes this a resource that stands apart.

I can’t recommend Writing and Selling the Great American Novel enough. Janice included everything for our benefit. Buy the book, read and keep it close by, and get writing. You won’t have any regrets.

Note: it is available for a reduced rate September 13-15. After that, the book will sell at $8.99 (worth every penny, but hey, don’t you love a sale?) If you have every wanted to write a book or have written a book and hope to write more, you will not regret buying this book. But you just might regret- one day- not buying it.

NOTE FROM JANICE: Whether you’re just starting out or trying to sustain a lucrative career as a novelist, this book will give you the tools you need. Download your copy at the low intro price of $3.99. On the morning of September 17th the price will go up to $8.99, where it will remain. Please tell all of the novelists you know about this comprehensive handbook.

Loving Lucy, Day Twelve: Lucy Writes a Play

Welcome to DAY TWELVE of “Loving Lucy” where we’re celebrating the release of my latest romantic comedy, “The Icing on the Cake.” We skipped right over DAY ELEVEN because I felt that 9/11 deserved its own attention. What good are books, if we don’t have the freedom to live in safety?

Most of you probably know that I’m a theater director, as well as a writer. I love writing and directing plays. Apparently Lucy loved that, too, as was evidenced in this episode:

ilovelucy17aLUCY WRITES A PLAY: Playwright Lucy pens a drama with a Cuban locale. She figures Ricky for the star. The hitch: he refuses the part. So she changes her play from Cuba to England and has Fred take Ricky’s spot. However, Ricky has decided to surprise Lucy and appear in the play…only problem is he has the wrong script. Check out this link to watch the episode.

The theater director in me cringes as I remember this particular “Lucy” episode. What a nightmare!

If you’ve read “The Icing on the Cake” you know that Scarlet puts on a little “production” of her own – a fundraiser talent show to raise funds for an upcoming missions trip. She runs into a few complications, especially when the saw-player’s teeth go missing. (Yes, you read that right.) A host of other problems arise, as well, and Scarlet wonders (like Lucy) if the show will go on. It does, of course. Consummate theater pros know that you forge ahead, no matter what you face.

Why not pick up a copy of “The Icing on the Cake” to read about Scarlet’s adventures? You’ll find the kindle version very affordable.

That’s it for today! Welcome back tomorrow, where we’ll talk about another fun Lucy episode!

Loving Lucy, Day Ten: Lucy is Enciente!

Welcome to DAY TEN of “Loving Lucy” where I’m celebrating the release of my latest romantic comedy, “The Icing on the Cake.” Today I’m featuring an episode of Lucy that touches my heart on multiple levels. I know you’ll remember this one:

Lucy is enceinte

Lucy feels strange, and tells Ethel. She responds by suggesting Lucy might be pregnant! Lucy laughs…but comes back from a doctor’s visit and reveals that Ethel was right. Lucy tries to prepare the “perfect” moment to tell Ricky, but his business at the club keeps him away. Eventually, Lucy anonymously requests that Ricky perform his song “We’re Having A Baby” at the club. Ricky gets quite a surprise when he finds out who requested the song!

Here are a couple of lesser known facts about this episode. First of all, Ricky’s reaction to Lucy’s news about the baby was supposed to be funny/upbeat. When they filmed the scene, he reacted with all of the emotion you see in the now-famous episode. The reaction was so “true” that they decided to leave it. Aren’t you glad?! This reaction from Ricky/Desi wins my heart! (And honestly, Desi was kind of a cad in real life, so I’m glad to see his emotion shine through!)

9780800721534_p0_v2_s260x420Here’s another little known fact: Lucy was the first-ever woman to appear on TV “in a delicate condition.” In fact, it stirred quite a controversy when the decision was made to carry forth with the show after her pregnancy. And that’s another thing: the word “pregnancy” couldn’t be used, so they opted for the Spanish word “enceinte” (which means the same thing).

What does all of this have to do with Scarlet and “The Icing on the Cake”? Scarlet doesn’t think that Armando has a heart. She sees him (in much the same way as I see Desi) as a Romeo…a player. In the end (like Desi, in this scene) he proves her wrong.

If you haven’t read “The Icing on the Cake” check it out online! In the meantime, please enjoy the Lucy clip!

Loving Lucy, Day Nine: Perceptions and Portrayals

tumblr_m7iz2vKeRs1qa70eyo1_r1_500Almost missed DAY NINE of “Loving Lucy!” Oh my goodness! I’ve been dealing with technical/computer/printer woes most of the day so I’ve been preoccupied. How can I celebrate the release of “The Icing on the Cake” without mentioning another Lucy episode? See if you remember this one:

Lucy reads about a housewife who makes a fortune writing a novel in her spare time, so she takes a crack at it by writing her first novel, “Real Gone with the Wind.” However, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred don’t like the way Lucy has portrayed them and try to stop the book from being published.

As a novelist, I feel Lucy’s pain! (Sort of, anyway.) NOT saying I use any “real” people as inspiration (((JANICE CLEARS HER THROAT))) but if I did, I would ONLY portray them in the best possibly light.

9780800721534_p0_v2_s260x420If you’ve read “The Icing on the Cake” you know that Scarlet doesn’t see Armando in the best possible light from the get-go. In fact, her pre-conceived ideas about him almost sabotage their relationship altogether.

What about you? Ever perceived (or portrayed) anyone in a bad light? If so, then you can probably related to Scarlet. . .and to Lucy. But not to me, of course. I would never, never do that. Just sayin’…

While you’re pondering that little gem, hop on over to B&N and pick up a copy of “The Icing on the Cake.” I think you’re gonna love it almost as much as you love Lucy! (Hope so, anyway!)


Loving Lucy, Day Eight: Near-Drowning Alert!

grapestompWelcome to DAY EIGHT of “Loving Lucy” where I’m celebrating the release of my latest romantic comedy, “The Icing on the Cake.” Today I’m featuring an episode of “I Love Lucy” that very nearly cost the zany redhead her life. Check it out:

LUCY’S ITALIAN MOVIE: En route to Rome, Italy, an Italian producer offers Lucy a role in a film called “Bitter Grapes.” So she decides to take a job in a vineyard to absorb a little “local color.” This episode contains the famous scene in which Lucy stomps grapes and picks a fight with her fellow stomper. Ironically, by being away, she misses being selected for the role.

You might remember the episode, but I’m going to share an article that tells the “behind the scenes” tale:


“Lucy’s Italian Movie” faced a variety of obstacles….first was getting a vineyard to donate the necessary grapes for stomping. The company that ultimately agreed did so with the proviso that it must be mentioned in the script that foot-pressing was an outmoded method of making wine in Italy.

imagesNext was the local extra cast to wrestle Lucille in the grape vat; Teresa Tirelli didn’t speak any English and an interpreter had to explain the scene to her. Apparently something was lost in the translation because Tirelli didn’t grasp that this was supposed to be a filmed-from-the-waist-up fake fight and she literally held Lucille’s head under the grape mush until the star nearly drowned.

And lastly, even though the show was broadcast in black and white, Lucille, Desi and the production staff were sticklers for detail, so a formula for a purplish/blue dye had to be worked out that would properly tint Lucille’s flesh and hair without irritating her skin or reacting with the chemicals used to keep her permed locks that famous henna color for that final scene.

(Read the full text here: http://mentalfloss.com/article/28436/we-love-lucy-secrets-your-favorite-episodes-lucille-balls-100th-birthday#ixzz2eM1rfK6N –brought to you by mental_floss!)

I dont’ know about you, but I’m awfully glad Lucy was okay! If you’ve read “The Icing on the Cake” you would probably agree that Scarlet would be glad about this, too. She is, after all, the biggest Lucy fan of all! Maybe you could watch this episode and then pick up a copy of the book…just for fun! No risk of drowning, I promise, unless it’s drowning in laughs. :)

Loving Lucy, Day Seven: Star-Struck!

002-i-love-lucy-theredlistWelcome to DAY SEVEN of “Loving Lucy” where I’m celebrating the release of my romantic comedy, “The Icing on the Cake.” Today I’m featuring a special “I Love Lucy” episode. Check it out:

Sighting Bob Hope at Yankee Stadium, Lucy hopes to persuade him to appear at Ricky’s club. To get close enough to him, she disguises herself first as a hot-dog vendor, then as a tobacco-chewing umpire.

I love, love, love this one! Lucy’s so anxious to get close to Bob that she goes to embarrassing lengths to get his attention.

What about you? Would you be star-struck if someone like Bob (or a famous movie star from 2013) happened to be nearby? Several of the females in my Weddings by Bella series are gaga over a certain Hollywood Hottie named Brock Benson. Seems like all the women (including Scarlet, from “The Icing on the Cake”) are awestruck. Until they meet him in person. Then they realize he’s just a normal guy. Each also realizes that her own fella (in Scarlet’s case. . .Armando) is the only hero worthy of her time/attention.

Did Lucy learn her lesson? Usually not. Still, she made us laugh all the way! (Hey, speaking of Bob Hope…have you read my book “Picture Perfect” yet? It’s LOADED with Bob Hope/Bing Crosby images!

Happy reading, y’all!

Loving Lucy, Day Six: Jealousy

Welcome to DAY SIX of “Loving Lucy,” where I’m celebrating the release of my latest book, “The Icing on the Cake.” Let’s see if the following episode brings back any memories:

CUBAN PALS: A visiting Cuban dance troupe asks Ricky to do a number with “Little Renita Perez”—a little girl he used to dance with in Havana. Lucy’s all for it—until she finds out that “Little Renita” isn’t so “little” anymore. She takes Renita’s place at the club-but Ricky switches numbers, and Lucy is chased by a man in full voodoo garb!

9780800721534_p0_v2_s260x420I loved this episode SO much because I really felt for Lucy. Little Renita Perez was a part of Ricky’s past, and obviously someone quite beautiful/trim. Someone he remembered with fondness. How funny, the scene where Lucy meets “little” Renita in person, only to discover she’s not so little anymore!

If you’ve read “The Icing on the Cake.” you know that Scarlet (the heroine) feels awkward around the “normal” (i.e. “little”) girls like Bella, Hannah and Gabi. She wants to be “little” too. In fact, she works TOO hard to drop a few pounds and pays a heavy price.

I can relate to Scarlet today! I’ve worked SO hard over the past two and a half years to lose weight. I’d love to be “little” but here’s the cold, hard truth: God loves me (and you…and Scarlet…and Lucy) just the way we are. Of course, He longs for us to be healthy, but we can’t exchange health for “skinny.”

Just something to chew on. Ha! CHEW on. While you’re “chewing” on that, why not read Scarlet’s story? I think you’ll enjoy it!