Don’t Rock the Boat

Annie Peterson is supposed to be on vacation . . . not in wedding planning mode and certainly not in mystery solving mode. But when she meets a bride-to-be aboard the Navigator of the Seas cruise liner, Annie can’t help herself. She’s ready, willing and able to help with plans for the big day.  And when the bride goes missing just hours before the ceremony, it’s Annie to the rescue!

Who’s responsible for spiriting away the elusive bride? The maid of honor? The emotional mother of the bride? An over-the-top best man? The groom-to-be? A total stranger? Someone’s done the deed and it’s up to Annie to locate the MIA bride before the ship returns to port. Surely, with the Lord’s help, she can solve this mystery.

Join Annie on this high seas adventure where everyone on-board is a suspect and no good deed goes unpunished.

NOTE:  All of Annie’s stories are faith-based and contain Christian elements.

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