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Fill These Empty Arms

Meet five women with empty arms.

Lexie is only fifteen, and already facing one of the toughest choices of her life — whether or not to keep the baby no one knows she’s carrying. Kathryn, Lexie’s mother, has already lost her husband. Will she lose her wayward daughter, too?

Reena, an elderly woman who lives in the heart of Cincinnati, is widowed with grown children who live in other states. She knows the pain of empty arms, as well. And then there’s Grace, a young woman from Florida, who has been trying (unsuccessfully) to have a baby. She and her husband wonder if they will ever hold a baby in their arms.

Finally, Joanna, a successful businesswoman who seems to have it all, struggles with the agony of an empty heart, due to a secret she has carried for over twenty years.

When the lives of these five women intersect, they are forever changed. Lives are transformed. Hope is restored. Arms, once empty, are filled.

From multi-published Christian author Janice Thompson comes an inspirational novel with great depth of character and dealing with sensitive topics for women ages 14 and up.

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