I Think I Do


Hannah Hibble is only a little concerned about the fact that her parents keep trying to fix her up with guys who come into the family’s Van Nuys costume shop to rent costumes. Each of these lucky fellows leaves with a costume and the promise of a date with Hannah. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) In the last couple of months she’s been out on four mercy dates. . .and all have been fiascoes. She’s more convinced than ever that the single life is the life for her. Duncan Evers is fairly new to L.A. He hails from Topeka, Kansas, and has come to the big city with stars in his eyes. His visions of taking L.A. by storm haven’t exactly panned out. After accidentally driving his older model sedan through the plate-glass window of Hannah’s costume shop, he determines that things can’t possibly get any worse. Wrong. He’s forced to take a part-time job at his great-uncle’s exterminating company to pay the bills until an acting job comes along. When Duncan and Hannah meet in the most unexpected of ways, sparks fly. . .and chaos ensues! Will their chaotic getting-to-know-you end in a true happily-ever-after?

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