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Tea For Two

Join Bella Neeley as she coordinates a Victorian tea party themed wedding on Valentine’s Day. It’s sure to be an event to remember . . . if the groom finds the time to show up for his own ceremony.

Texas senator Beauregard (aka “Beau”) DeVine is running for president and his hectic schedule has the bride-to-be worried about his lack of participation. Keen on making her groom happy, Victoria Brierley goes along with the “tea party” themed ceremony he has in mind. It matches his political views, after all. Bella loves the idea of a lovely tea party, but for different reasons.

The Brierley-DeVine ceremony is sure to be the most elegant event Club Wed has ever seen, and certainly the best attended. Even the Secret Service agents hover close as the day draws near. When things begin to go awry Bella finds herself in a political whirlwind, and all the more when Uncle Laz announces he’s running for president, too. W-w-what? A Rossi in the White House?

Chaos, humor. . .and politics? This story has them all and will leave you laughing all the way to the altar.

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