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The Perfect Catch

(Previously published as Gone Fishing)

“Everyone in town knows Sassy Hatchett’s got a bite worse than any shark in the Gulf of Mexico. Why, she could kill a man with just a look. Is that the sort of woman you want to spend your retirement years with?”

Sassy Hatchett has a bit of a temper. Since she lost her husband Joe a few years back, she’s had trouble adjusting. When mild-mannered postman, Wendell Meeks, expresses interest in her, she panics. To cool down, Sassy heads to the pier at the Port Neches River, where she fishes away her troubles. Only one problem: there’s a new fish (er, fella) on the line, and he’s not giving up without a fight.

Will Sassy calm herself in time to enter a new relationship, or will her feisty Texas temper get the best of her?

Join best-selling Christian author Janice Thompson for a small-town Texas story that will have you laughing, sighing and reaching for your fishin’ pole.

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